Al Baile
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She was born in the south of France. From the age of 7, she begins to train in Flamenco and Spanish Classics, then follows numerous advanced training courses in France and Spain with Artists like Belen Maya, Angel Munoz, Javier Latorre, Manuel Linan, Olga Pericet, José Galvan between otros…

In 2008 Carolina joined the Viento del Sur as a solo dancer. During one year, they will make many representations in France. It was in 2009 that Carolina decided to settle in Seville to perfect her skills at Fundacion Cristina Heeren with Milagros Mengibar, Javier Barron, Rafael Campallo, Ruben Olmo, Ursula Lopez, El Choro, Pili Ogalla ..

In Andalusian Capital, where she lives, she acquires experiences as a solo dancer in Tablao like La Pena Nino de la Alfalfa, el T de Triana y el Tablao Casa de la Guitarra by Jose Luis Postigo, etc.

Currently Carolina has her own Flamenco company with which she performs and internships in Spain and abroad.

On stage, she brings modernity and energy to the “baile”. With the precision of her zapateado, Carolina combines emotion and rigor in the same impetus. The elegance of his style reveals a mastery of gesture and an originality devoid of artifice.

She never stops getting richer, nourishing herself from the various artistic encounters that cross her path.

Al Baile
Sophia Sena

A dancer from a very young age, Sophia Alma has tasted all styles and all rhythms. But it is in Paris within the famous peña Flamenco in
France that she tries flamenco.

Passionate about her first steps, she took many courses in Paris, and

In 2012, she joined the Fundación Cristina Heeren in Seville where she will follow the courses of, among others, Javier Barón, Andres Peña, Ana Morales. She will also study the cola bata with the great maestra Milagros Menjíbar. She will regularly attend the courses of Úrsula López, Patricia Guerrero and Leonor Leal.

A graduate of Fundación Cristina Heeren, she returned to Paris to perform on Parisian stages as a solo dancer. Since summer 2013, Sophia Alma has joined the troupe of the Cirque Tzigane Romanès and performs in shows every week under their marquee in France and abroad.
It is with as much voluptuousness as character that Sophia Alma transmits on stage her love for flamenco, her dance is sweet and powerful, a surge of grace and emotions …

Al Baile


It was during years of training in jazz and contemporary dance that Lorena discovered Flamenco. This meeting marks a turning point in her dancing career. In 2009, she chose to go to Andalusia to perfect her mastery of an art that overwhelmed her.

She moved to Seville and joined the Fundación Cristina Heeren where, for three years, she followed the teaching of recognized maestros such as, among others, Úrsula LÓPEZ, Javier BARÓN, El Choro, Ana MORALES and learned the bata de cola with Milagros MENJÍBAR. His artistic sense and diligence are rewarded with a scholarship.

At the same time, she perfected her baile technique with other renowned artists. Carmen LEDESMA, Andrès PEÑA, Juan de los REYES, Lupi, Leonor LEAL … are all sources of inspiration which allow him to develop his own style.

She presents herself as a soloist in tablaos and participates in shows given in France and Andalusia where, inhabited by a deep sensitivity, she dresses flamenco songs with a whirlwind of emotions. Intuitive, Lorena’s baile reveals her passion for dance and her love for Spain.

Al Cante
Guy Reyes

Singer, guitarist, percussionist, he started playing the guitar at 14 and learned singing and flamenco percussion by himself. He has presented numerous conferences on Flamenco in the media libraries of the region.

Founder of the groups Paseo del Parque and Viento del Sur with whom he regularly performed from 1999 to 2010. Guy REYES has been accompanying the dance classes of the flamenco school Aire Flamenco since 1999 under the direction of Angela SANTAMARIA.

Songwriter and arranger, his repertoire embraces all forms of ante Cante Flamenco ’, from the most festive to the deepest. He regularly teaches flamenco cante and compas.

Besides his activities as a flamenco artist, he also played the role of ‘El Cantaor’ in Manuel de Falla’s opera “La Vie Brève” given at the Nice Opera in 2004 with the orchestra of the Nice Opera. .

He is currently accompanying dance at the Compañía Carolina Pastor in Seville.