Options, lessons and internships

Are you getting married? Are you celebrating your 18th or 80th birthday? You just want to organize a memorable evening accompanied by flamenco? Here are the different formulas that I can offer you:

Option « toque solo »

1 guitarist, 45 minutes to 1:30

Ideal to accompany a cocktail party or an intimate event. I interpret songs from the flamenco repertoire (Solea, Alegrias, bulerias, Tangos, Granaina) as well as from the classic Spanish repertoire (Albeniz, Tarrega…)

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Option « toque duo »

2 guitarists, optional percussion, from 45 min to 2:30

Festive atmosphere guaranteed with a wide guitar repertoire. Flamenco, rumba, jazz standards and a Latin repertoire are on the menu. Playful rhythms, good humor and improvisation. What more ?

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Option « Baile y Guitarra »

1 dancer and 1 guitarist

Immerse your guests in a real moment of escape where the grace and passion of the dance mingle with the syncopated rhythms of the guitar. This formula offers the performance of a magnificent dancer accompanied by her guitarist. It will be perfect as an interlude between two evening parties or also to mark the occasion during a surprise! The service of up to one hour can be carried out at once or carried out in several parts. An initiation to dance or “las palmas” (tapping the rhythm with your hands) tempts you? Let yourself be carried away and say Olé! Imagine your brother-in-law or your best friend practicing in front of you with a traditional dance step … Memories and benevolent laughter guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to send us any special request, we will be happy to answer them!

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Option « Tablao »

1 dancer (or more on request), 1 guitarist (or more on request), possibility of percussion, 1 singer, from 15 min to 1:30

This is the most prestigious formula. All the elements of a flamenco concert come together for your enjoyment: Singing, dancing and playing the guitar. It is an experience for those who see and listen to flamenco for the first time. For the others, it’s a return ticket to Andalusia.

By choosing this formula you offer your guests a unique spectacle of high quality, visual and musical. The artists bring you through their art a whirlwind of emotions. Joy is contrasted with melancholy. Malice and humor play tricks on fate. The exulted pain gives life to a lightning orchestra. The tear turns into a flame.

The show can be divided into several parts or performed at once. An initiation to dance activity can absolutely be included in this beautiful show, just ask us.

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Flamenco in company, retirement home, leisure center, school and many more!

We can offer you a flamenco activity as part of a thematic event in Spain. We are used to working in collaboration with pedagogues within the framework of school or therapeutic courses. Flamenco is a great way to illustrate a history or Spanish lesson. It is also an engine of socialization. The study of music and rhythm develop the ear, the concentration as well as the synchronization of the body.

Are you organizing a seminar with your team in order to get to know yourself better and develop bonds of trust? We offer an exclusive team building program based on the principles of flamenco! Listening, sharing, respecting the rhythm, encouragement … You will understand the meaning of “olé” and will not be able to do without it!

One of these formulas inspires you? I invite you to fill out this form which will allow me to know more about your project and to respond within 24 hours.

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Guitare lessons

The flamenco guitarist must surprise, but also calm the game. He must master time as he must be able to detach himself from it and make it forget. He must give the right cadence and know how to support the dance to sublimate it. Often, he must know how to step back, to fully play his role as accompanist, and when his moment arrives, he must have more than one “string” to his bow!

During the one-hour lessons, they are divided as follows:

– 1/3 technique specific to the flamenco guitar: arpeggio, thumb (especially the alzapúa), picado, tremolos flamencos, rasgueos, etc.
– 1/3 to study “falsetas” and recursos to be able to accompany song and dance, the two other pillars of flamenco.
– 1/3 to assimilate the “compass” without guitar but with the “palmas” (one of the best percussions in the world: your hands!)

1 hour lesson: individual 25 € and 30 € if I travel.

Possibility of doing lessons in groups of 2 or 3 (recommended for very rhythmic courses in palmas!): 12 € per person, 15 € if I travel.


Flamenco internship

Here is the list of the next Flamenco courses in Nice for 2018

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